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"Go with the flow"


​This is a video of Alan demonstrating his version of the 18 Chi Kung Form at Cubert Village Hall Class on the 7th May 2018. The demonstration was filmed by one of Alan's students Sampson Willoughby.
The 18 exercises can also be performed individually or in combinations. 


Monday 28th May 2018

​​Friday 1st June 2018

I commenced running a Tai Chi/Qigong class at St Michaels Hall Perranporth from 2pm - 3pm.
I had 8 students turn up which was not bad for the first session. I introduced them to the Principles of Tai Chi and practice basic movements, breathing and coordination. I received favourable feedback at the end of the session and hopefully the class will continue to grow and flourish.

 I ran a Tai Chi session for the Perranporth Memory Cafe at St Michaels Hall Perranporth.
It was a really great session with plenty of participation from all of the group. The session started with breathing exercises and mild wrist/elbow/shoulder warm up exercises. I then did with them 7 single arm Tai chi exerises and at the end they successfully put all the movements together as a little Tai Chi Form. I finished off with them practising an adapted version of the first 6 movements of the Sun 30 Form. All in all a well worthwhile session.